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Pixi Mrs. Ippi (dit: Pixi Mississippi) est le nom sous lequel Sarah Baur regroupe son travail de théatre pour enfants: riche en images, reflexions poétiques et jouant sur des thèmes sociaux, avec un rôle important pour la musique live.

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WIE NIET GEZIEN IS, IS WEG is a modern day fairytale about the search for identity in a competitive society. An interactive play that - through comedy - stimulates the audience to have a critical view, as well as being a musical vent for the emotions it instills.
In dire times, superheroes are invaluable. The only way to reach a happy ending is through a cooperation wherein both audience and actors are accomplices.

The play is in Dutch and aimed at kids (age 7 and up).

Starring: Lien Annicaert, Julie Van Der Schaaf, Sarah Baur en Piet Maris
Script: Sarah Baur
Music: Piet Maris
Scenography, costumes & graphic design: Danja Cauwbergs

Special thanks to GC Nekkersdal and GC De Markten
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