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'Genre-busting accordion and brass-led brew of rock, chanson, ska, gypsy, latin and Balkan ingredients
served up by a high-class posse of the most active musicians on the Brussels music scene'
(the Womex-Guide, october 2009)
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Here’s a cult band that - with its explosive, urban mix of music genres, rhythms, languages and cultures - has evolved into a high quality brand, appreciated by both the international press and audiences all over. Add to that the typically Belgian pinch of self-derision and understatement and the result is a band with the energy of rock (without guitars!), the improvised twist of jazz, the open-minded approach of world music and the eagerness of a street band.

Well-rooted in their hometown
Brussels the band's unique identity is yet enforced by their poetic and socially committed lyrics, celebrating the cultural melting pot of our modern day world. The optimistic undertone convincingly states that another world is possible, raising a fist rather than a middle finger. And it's the kind of music you can dance to 'till you drop at a gig, but also enjoy as you listen more closely at home, to their latest album ROUTES (2013), for instance.
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The band’s many live concerts have made them disciplined musicians, yet always ready to improvise. Jaune Toujours gigs are lively and festive, but avoid clichés and never lose musicality. All this was amply on their shows at Re Re Riga (Latvia2013), Dranouter (Belgium 2013), Cotonou Couleurs Jazz (Bénin 2012), Les Rutilants (France 2012), Gödör Budapest and E78 Pecs (Hungary 2012), Ollin Kan (Portugal 2011), Winnipeg Folk Music festival (Canada 2011), Mercat de la Musica Viva de Vic (Spain 2010), Sziget (Hungary 2010). Francofolies de Montréal (Canada 2010), Womex (Denmark 2009), Francofolies de Spa and Polé Polé (Belgium 2009), Fusion (Germany 2009), Vancouver Island Music Fest, South Country Fair and Calgary Folk Music Festival (Canada 2008), Tanzfest Rudolstadt (Germany 2008), Womad and Cambridge Folk Festival (United Kingdom 2007), Dranouter and Couleur Café (Belgium, 2007), Paradiso, Oerol Festival, Fiesta Mundial, De Parade (The Netherlands 2007), Esperanzah! and Blue Note (Belgium 2006), Popdeurope Berlin (Germany 2005) to name some…
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Jaune Toujours’ sound is so natural that it’s deceptive and at first might give the casual listener the impression of simplicity, when it’s really their musicianship and the particular humanist angle from which they approach cross cultural composing, that makes their music sound as if it’s been around forever. Respect for content rather than form, for long term development and for collaboration rather than preservation, has enabled them to create a musical universe that is rich, diverse, honest, modern and unique.

Setting up
multiple collaborations Jaune Toujours has proved to be anything but opportunist. With Radio Transit they grouped artists of great talent, whose only handicap was the lack (at that moment) of the right documents. Together with the Gangbé Brass Band from Benin (West-Africa) they toured in 2011 and 2012 as Afrobelbeat (Be/Nin), which is also the title of a 4 track EP, commonly recorded and released in april 2012. And with the band Mec Yek, they invite two Roma girls to their mics to sing their Balkan Motown to the audience, without the usual gypsy clichés.

Four years after
KOLEKTIV (2009), Jaune Toujours released the new album ROUTES (2013). This album continues on the same vibes for which they are being internationally appreciated: no linguistic or other borders (singing in French, English and Dutch), catchy songs, punky attitude, drum&brass, Balkan madness, accordion dub and Belgian ska.

From the period before, a fine selection of songs coming from former albums
BARRICADE (2004), CAMPING DEL MUNDO (2002) and BRUSK (2000), have been compiled in the form of a live recording on the CD/DVD CLUB (2006). The live recordings got raving reviews and certainly helped the band opening (more) international doors.

Jaune Toujours Line-up: vocals & accordion Piet Maris / drums & percussion Théophane Raballand / upright bass Mathieu verkaeren / sax soprano & clarinets Mattias Laga / trumpets Dirk Timmermans and/or Bart Maris and/or Sam Versweyveld and/or Yves Fernandez-Solino