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Jaune Toujours started releasing albums in 1998. From debut EP 'O' to live album 'cluB' until the most recent single 'Hop On';
back catalogue on Jaune Toujours' own label Choux de Bruxelles

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(chou 1303) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 14/10/2013
From lazy and groovy to intensively nervous, contagiously cheery and exuberantly etnic. Music with a clear message, that can only put you in a good mood.
A labour of love for the band, pushing their musical boundaries once again.
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Afrobelbeat (Be/Nin)
(chou 2012) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 29/05/2012
Summer of 2006, Jaune Toujours and Gangbé Brass Band from Benin worked together for a first time (festival concertes at Brosella and Esperanzah in Belgium). They took it a big step further, touring together in Belgium in October 2011 and May-June 2012, and in Benin in November of 2012. New arrangements ànd new songs have been recorded on the 4 track EP Afrobelbeat (BE/NIN), including the single "On y va!"
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(chou 1002) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 01/11/2010
Jaune Toujours and Mec Yek as you've never heard them before! RE:PLUGGED features remixes by Gaetano Fabri (B), Tagada (F), Buscemi (B), No Luck Club (CAN), Scratchy (UK), Shazalakazoo (RS), Superstereo (HU) and Turntable Dubbers (B). To top that: surprising versions of Jaune Toujours' culthit ICI BXL by the winners of the remix contest. File under World Beats & Balkan Mash-up.
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(chou 0902) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 02/04/2009

April 2009, Jaune Toujours released KOLEKTIV. Their fifth album continues on the same vibes for which they are being internationally appreciated: no linguistic or other borders (singing in French, English and Dutch), catchy songs, punky attitude, drum&brass, Balkan madness, accordion dub and Belgian ska.
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(chou 0604) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 02/10/2006
The audience has been asking for a live CD since forever. Jaune Toujours happilly obliges with the live CD/DVD cluB, featuring tracks from the albums O, BRUSK, Camping Del Mundo and Barricade, recorded at two memorable gig nights at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.
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(chou 0402) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 31/03/2004
The third album by Jaune Toujours, has socially commited lyrics, catchy songs carried by the groove of accordion, drums and bass, strengthened by the “crème de la crème” of Belgian horn blowers. This results in a lot of musical variation: from the accordion sounds of the Marolles (the “musette” quarter of Brussels) over brassband to influences from deep-ska and dub...
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Camping del Mundo
(chou 0202) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 19/3/2002
The second full album of Jaune Toujours, but the first  released on the own label Choux de Bruxelles. Camping del Mundo puts the social and urban themes Jaune Toujours started exploring on Brusk, in a broader perspective. In a musical formula which had proved its value: songs alternated with solid instrumental pieces, carried by the power of an energetic horn section.
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(WBM21014) production Wildboar/Alea, publishing Choux de Bruxelles - release 14/4/2000
The first full album of Jaune Toujours, recorded at the Brussels Jet Studios, released on the label Wildboar/Alea and published by Choux de Bruxelles.
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(MAPCD98003) production Ancienne Belqique/MAPrecords, publishing Choux de Bruxelles - release 1/6/1998
Jaune Toujours' debute mini-album with three studio-recorded songs and two live recordings from a concert at the Ancienne Belgique’s Club (december ‘97). The song  “Mr. Theo” was chosen by radiostations as a sort of single-track, and was included in a few compilations.
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