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Jaune Toujours - cluB - Live CD & DVD - 2006

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(chou 0604) production Choux de Bruxelles - released 02/10/2006
The audience has been asking for a live CD since forever. Jaune Toujours happilly obliges with the live CD/DVD cluB, featuring tracks from the albums O, BRUSK, Camping Del Mundo and Barricade, recorded at two memorable gig nights at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.
Tracklist CD:
1. Intro
2. Camping del Mundo
3. Demain peut-être
4. Pas là
5. La valse du 55
6. Normal
7. Tout le monde
8. Voor wat het is
9. Hai nene
10. Graffiti
11. Bilo
12. Bleu
13. Quoi
14. An der lecht
15. Maravillosso
16. Ici Bxl
17. Un ange passe
18. Café
DVD content:

Video Clips :
1. Camping del Mundo
2. Printemps
3. Ici Bxl

Live (in stereo and Surround 5.1):
1. Piu lontano (featuring the band of accordions La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d’Accordéons)
2. Quoi
3. Refugiés Sans Frontières
4. Pankatsa (featuring Katia & Mielka Pohlodkova from Mec Yek)
5. Ici Bxl

Piet Maris vocals & accordion
Théophane Raballand drums & percussion
Mathieu Verkaeren upright bass
Mattias Laga sax soprano & clarinets
Bart Maris & Yves Fernandez-Solino trumpet

Stef Van Alsenoy and Frank Duchêne at Club Ancienne Belgique Mixing: Stef van Alsenoy at Ancienne Belgique
Stef Van Alsenoy and Pieter de Wagter at Ancienne Belgique and Equus

cluB press quotes:

Mark Espiner in Songlines, 2007 (***):
“This six-strong Brussels band is celebrated for its compelling live-act.Now, by what appears to be popular demand, comes a live CD and accompanying DVD that tries to catch the feel of the band performing in front of a crowd. Having never seen them, this reviewer felt pretty curious about doing so on the strength of this record. An imaginitive hybrid of Gypsy brass, jazzy double bass and free-spirited vocals presents a jubilant and musically interesting sound. Demain Peut-etre is a good example of the cheeky attitude and musical skill that abounds in the ensemble. A lilthing rhythm is punchilly punctuated by a committed vocal line. Every now and again, vocalist Piet Maris gets out his megaphone and rasps his voice to the crowd’s obvious delight. That kind of theatricality really comes across on this record which, with its faithful sound, achieves what many live albums fail to do: cast a shadow on what it actually feels like to be at a gig of the artists. Fans of the band will be thrilled, but my guess is that this isn’t the best introduction to them. That must surely be a live performance. This then, I suppose, is the next best thing.”

Robin Denselow in The Guardian, 2007 (****):
“For anyone who has ever made jokes about Belgium, here’s an album to make you rethink. Jaune Toujours are a frantic, brave and witty outfit from Brussels who have managed to mix punk, jazz and global influences into a confident dance style. It goes against all the rules of music merchandising for a little-known band to bring out a lengthy live-album, but this one actually works. The line-up is dominated by that most Belgian of instruments, the accordion, along with an impressive brass-section. While the songs manage to switch constantly between moody European balladry, frantic Gypsy jazz, slinky riffs, fairground music and echoes of reggae and ska. Surely destined to become one of the great European party bands.”

Howard Male in the Independent on Sunday, 2007 (****):
“I generally prefer the definitive statement of a studio album to a live one, but this is heaps better than 2004’s airless ‘Barricade’. This Belgium band’s brass and accordion-led music seems born of the beer-steeped venue and nourished by the enthusiasm of a responsive audience. Tracks such as ‘demain peut-être’ take on a new life when you can hear the cheers and whoops of the inebriated audience as part of the dizzy carnival of noise. If you’re a fan of their fellow style-splicing countrymen, Think of One, or the gypsy punk pop of Gogol Bordello, you’ll love it.”

Clive Davis in Sunday Times, 2007 (***):
“Some groups are born to make records; others are put on this plane to raise the spirits of audiences. The gang of devil-may-care folkjazzers known as Jaune Toujours belong in the latter camp. Based in Brussels, the self-styled “kick-ass roots band” are one of those unpredictable, endlessly eclectic outfits who manage to assimilate countless influences, from gypsy wedding band to reggae and oldschool musette. Are the results ragged at times? Yes, undeniably, but the combination of trumpets, saxophone and Piet Maris’s high-spirited accordion generates irresistible joie de vivre.”