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Mec Yek started recording in 1999: two ep's and the first full album Antikrisis; back catalogue on the collective's own label Choux de Bruxelles.

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(chou 1502) production & publishing Choux de Bruxelles
Release 4/5/2015
SuperDiverCity is Mec Yek's second full album. As you’d expect from Mec Yek’s origins, Super Diver City contains some musical surprises.
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(chou 0604) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 02/10/2006
Mec Yek’s first full album, containing lots of musical surprises: from pure a capella to minimalist instrumentation to elaborate horn sections. A new and moving sound, full of balkan beats and gypsy passion. So beautiful it hurts!
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Caravan 2002
(chou 0604) production Choux de Bruxelles - release 02/10/2006
Caravan 2002 is an early EP by Mec Yek, result of a recording exercise by students of Pianofabriek in the Jet Studio's.
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