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(chou 0802) production Choux de Bruxelles – release 15/5/2008

Antikrisis is Mec Yek’s first full album. As you’d expect from the band’s origins, it contains musical surprises: from pure a capella, over minimalist instrumentation, to elaborate horn sections. The guest musicians add ethnic sounds on cymbalom (Kostel Ursuletz) and fujara (played here by English folk instrumental legend Andrew Cronshaw, no stranger to fusing the traditional with the experimental) and if you listen closely, you can even hear a ukelele playing in the mix. It’s a new and moving sound, full of balkan beats and gypsy passion… So beautiful it hurts!


1. Na Bikenav
2.Lole Kamashli
3. Atsh Mamo
4. Parni Luludji
5. Andro Da Taboris
6. Bashav Mange
7. Shargo Tshizjma
8. Loli Paraditshka
9. Pal Tu Dzjav
10. Kosteloskro (instr.)
11. Pre Zabava
12. Pankatsha
13. Kaskre Ola Duj Tshavore
14. Avri Vakeren, Shukares Bashaven

Line-up :
Katia & Milka Pohlodkova vocals
Piet Maris accordion & vocals
Théophane Raballand drums & percussions
Mathieu Verkaeren upright bass & ukelele
Mattias Laga sax soprano & clarinets
Guest musicians: Bart Maris trumpet flugelhorn & tuba Kostel Ursuletz cymbalom Andrew Cronshaw fujara

Werner Pensaert at Indie Air Mixing
Werner Pensaert at Motor Music Mastering Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis.

Photography by
Theophane Raballand
Artwork by
Sarah Baur
Antikrisis press quotes:


Balkan hip is a good description of the combination of earthy tradistionalism and hot jazz on display as your likely to find. Very entertaining throughout and probably even more so when experienced live -


Ein Gute-Laune-Debüt mit dem passenden Titel Antikrisis - authentisch und unaufgeregt. Groovende Balkansounds im Musetteflair mit orientalischen Touch und jauchzender Klarinette. Mit Spielfreude und Augenzwinkern, melancholischen Halgads und zum Tanz animierenden Cardasses als gäbe es kein Morgen - leicht, gekonnt und alles andere als angestaubt -

TAPLAS (Wales- UK):

What I can say is that this music ticks
all the boxes, excitement, virtuosity, originality, emotion – it has it all. If you’re a fan of anyone from Manu Chao over Rachid Taha to the Kroke Band and Ivo Papasov, give this a listen. You will love it.