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Pixi Mrs. Ippi is the header for the theatre work for children by Sarah Baur: theatre with a lot of imagery, playful and poetic reflection on social themes, in which live music plays an important role.

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DE REUS (The Giant) is a musical imagination about friendship without size, making the impossible happen. A play about being different, about who you are and about memories. Does that which you forgot still belong to you? Is that which you yearn for already part of you?

The play is in Dutch and aimed at kids (age 6 and up).

Play & animation: Sarah Baur
Piano: Peter Vandenberghe or Tom Van der Schueren

Script & direction: Sarah Baur
Music: Peter Vandenberghe
Advice: Piet Maris

Special thanks to GC De Kroon

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WIE NIET GEZIEN IS, IS WEG is a modern day fairytale about the search for identity in a competitive society. An interactive play that - through comedy - stimulates the audience to have a critical view, as well as being a musical vent for the emotions it instills.
In dire times, superheroes are invaluable. The only way to reach a happy ending is through a cooperation wherein both audience and actors are accomplices.

The play is in Dutch and aimed at kids (age 7 and up).

Starring: Lien Annicaert, Julie Van Der Schaaf, Sarah Baur en Piet Maris
Script: Sarah Baur
Music: Piet Maris
Scenography, costumes & graphic design: Danja Cauwbergs

Special thanks to GC Nekkersdal and GC De Markten