Music For Life: Mec Yek ​SuperDiverCity for ​Vluchtelingenwerk​ ​Vlaanderen

Choux de Bruxelles has a long tradition of cooperation with refugees and migrants, in musical projects like Radio Transit, Mec Yek and Qotob Trio. With these bands, it has always been our aim to set up a long-term interaction. But, in view of the current events, we want to take it one step further.

During one month (22 Nov to 22 Dec '17) we will offer the internationally acclaimed CD SuperDiverCity by Mec Yek at the reduced price of 10€. Of each sold copy the proceeds of 5€ will go Vluchtelingenwerk​ ​Vlaanderen. The other 5€ covers the cost price and VAT. That means we won't be making anything on them, which in this case is absolutely how we want it.

Now, more than ever we want to do our bit to raise awareness and honour the many citizens who have been helping out in major ways (check the initiatives Hébergement Plateforme Citoyenne and Burgerinitiatief Overnachtingen on facebook ). So head over to our Choux de Bruxelles webshop or to Mec Yek's bandcamp page and order SuperDiverCity. Not just for your enjoyment or that of the people you'll give the CD as a present, but also for the valuable work of Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen. You can also buy the CD first hand during Mec Yek's concerts on December 2. and 9. We're counting on you!

This promotion is also part of De Warmste Week - Music for Life by Studio Brussel.

Next concerts Mec Yek:
2/12/17 (BE) ST-GILLIS, 30 years of Vluchtelingenwerk​ ​Vlaanderen​ @La Tricoterie​
9/12​/17 (BE) OTTIGNIES​En​ ​Terres​ ​Tziganes @CC Ottignies-LLN​

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 15:30