Open​ ​Bar​ ​Public​: ​​concerts and jams, hosted by Choux de Bruxelles

Since September, Choux de Bruxelles takes over the Nic Nac café in Laeken, every two weeks on Wednesday evening. Because we feel there is a need in the neighborhood for a meeting place open to everyone, where from 5 pm onwards you can come in for a drink, to read a book or have a chat. There is no restaurant in the evening, but you're welcome to bring something from the local restaurants .

And since November it is extra cozy, because now there are also concerts at 7:30 pm, followed by (world) music jams at 8.30 pm. Everyone who has mastered an instrument is invited to play and improvise in a jam where seasoned musicians provide musical support. And everyone is welcome to come and listen too, of course.

Next concerts + jams Open Bar Public:
29/11/17 (BE) LAEKEN concert Raks in Aksi (country & eastern on sousaphone, percussion and saxophones) 19h30 + jam 20h30 @Nic Nac Nekkersdal
13/12/17 (BE) LAEKEN concert Kinch & Rafikii (trio with Congolese, American and Belgian roots) 19h30 + jam 20h30 @Nic Nac Nekkersdal

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 21:30