Contest for Schools (in Belgium)

Make a fun video with your pupils and win a free concert of Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo in your class or at your school * during the last week of July 2018!

* free for a concert with up to 100 spectators - from 100 spectators the school has to provide sound equipment (eg via the municipality) or Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo will bring extra material, at a cost of € 750

Below you will find the most important information about how you can participate.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

And action!

How can you participate?

  • sign up at, we will send you the listen links to the music
  • choose one of the following songs from the 2nd album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0:
    • We maken muziek / On fait de la musique
    • ABC Detective
    • Robots
  • invent a good concept together with your students and choose which form your clip will receive:
    • a film in which the students act and / or dance
    • a stop motion animated film, with which all pupils cooperate
    • a mixed form
  • prepare well
    • request a download link for the song you have chosen
    • create a script
    • find the necessary material
  • film and edit the clip with your students
    • film with a smartphone, tablet or consumer camera, you do not need an expensive video camera
    • edit with free programs such as iMovie on the laptop or tablet
    • do not hesitate to ask our director Sarah if you are stuck
  • upload your movie on our YouTube channel (for copyright reasons) before May 31. 
  • our jury - consisting of Ik en den Theo and members of our artists' collective Choux de Bruxelles - chooses the winner in the first week of June 2018 and informs him, after which the practical arrangements for the concert are made in mutual consultation
  • second and third prize: a copy of the album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0 for all pupils and the teacher who participated in the making of the videoclip (max 30)
  • for each participating class: 1 copy per class of the album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0
  • good luck and above all have fun!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 14:15