Throwback Choux de Bxl 20: Mec Yek in 2002

Building up to our Choux-Fest [04042020] | VK on April 4th (get your tickets!), we'll be sharing from our vast archive of experiences in the weeks to come.

Today a series of pictures of Mec Yek, taken by Sarah Baur in 2002. As you can see, in the early formation Katarina Pohlodkova was not yet joined by her sister Milka Pohlodkova on leading vocals, but by her friend Luba Macova, who decided after a while that a singing career was not her thing.
Luckily Milka was able and happy to join the band and is still one of two front women on this day.
Other musicians in the picture are Piet Maris, Mathieu Verkaeren and Mattias Laga in a younger version.

Come listen to Mec Yek at Choux-Fest!

Tuesday, January 1, 2002 - 15:00