It was about to happen, April 4th is too close to the safety period drawn by our government to allow our Choux-Fest [04042020] | VK (the 20th anniversary of Choux de Bruxelles - artist collective) to go ahead and to be prepared in a good way.

In consultation with the VK team we have decided to look for a new date - keep posted!

(The Brussels artist collective celebrates more or less 20 years! And founders Piet and Sarah turn 50, but this aside :) )

-> Jaune Toujours Kick Ass Roots / Rock du Monde / Europeana
-> Mec Yek Balkan Soul, Gipsy Hip
-> 3’AIN Jazz, Oriental (Yamen Martini, Otto Kint, Piet Maris)
-> La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d'Accordeons accordeonorchestra dir. by Piet Maris, ft. Theophane Raballand
-> PAULINE theater Sarah Baur (en Nldais / in Dutch)
-> De Ledebirds, multi-orchestra dir. by Mattias Laga (horn Jaune Toujours, Mec Yek)
-> Otto Kintet, jazz-quintet around Otto King (bass 3’Ain)
-> VIDEO expo Sarah Baur
-> FOTO expo Raballand Théophane
-> DJ’s & more