Balcony Sessions Day 33 - End of Season by Jaune Toujours

Day 33 of the Covid19 quarantine:
"End of Season", by Jaune Toujours, performed by Piet Maris.

"Looking back on the festival times / The end again of our camping life / Folding the tent just one last time / Closing the caravan door with a sigh / Once more rolling up the sleeping bags / Summer set behind our back / Freedom stays at the concert site / On to reality double check"

The end of the festival season comes before it even started this year...
A big blow today for the whole music sector, incl. musicians and audience: big festivals won't take place during summer in Belgium ànd Germany...

Listen to the studio version from the album Europeana on Bandcamp or Spotify

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - 20:00