Blackfacing/Whitewashing - co-creator and actress

'Blackfacing / Whitewashing' is a theatre performance co-created by Sarah Baur, Gorges Ocloo and Dirk Verstockt.

It premiered on April 29th 2017 at 'I Have A Dream Exchanged' at Zinnema, Brussels.
The festival celebrates Black History Awareness and brings together artists from Brussels, London and New York to present their views on skin color and/or the history of Africa to the public.

With 'Blackfacing / Whitewashing' Baur, Ocloo and Verstockt aim to look passed clichés on identity by purpously introducing mixed and multi layered views on the matter.

'Blackfacing / Whitewashing' was made with the support of the Flemish Community Commission and Sabam for Culture and was a co-produced by Zinnema and Choux de Bruxelles.

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