30 Years Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

Vluchtelingenwerk exists 30 years! Join the party!

On the 2nd of December they unite young and old with workshops for children, a Syrian meal by Dine With us, comedy, inspirational speeches, music and an after party! Together with their volunteers, partners, families and everybody who holds Vluchtelingenwerk dear, we will make this an unforgettable evening!
Free, unless you want to have diner. Reservation is required.
Mec Yek will play a mini concert.


Full Program:

16h      Doors open

16h30 Workshops for children. You can choose one of the following options:

  • The story of Lappelien (4-8 years old)
    A little girl, called Lenthe, had to flee her country. She has a really hard time finding her feet in her new country. Luckily, her doll Lappelien is there to help her. Author Myriam Roelandt reads her new children's book, together with an Arabic translator. You can make your own Lappelien too!  
  • Making a cartoon about refugees (10-14 years old)
    Roman Klochkov is a graphic designer and producer of animation movies. He draws on his own experiences producing animation. In this workshop you will write a story about refugees on paper and together with Ramon, magically turn it into a short animation movie!
  • Empathy games on ‘fleeing’ (pour les 6-16 ans)
    Step into the shoes of a refugee by playing empathy games and a board game called ‘’This is not a game’’. 

    In the meantime we invite children from 14 years and adults to:

  • Expo Be.land: an inspirational and surprising exhibition about the reception of refugees in Flanders and Brussels over the last 65 years. More info  here.
  • A conversation with photojournalist and Vranckx-editor Yassine Atari. He is a photojournalist and editor who works with Rudi Vranckx, a Belgian war correspondent. Using his pictures he shares his experiences in refugee camps and conflict zones, and explains how he tries to entice people to become active members of society. He recently captured the crisis in Myanmar.

17h30  Syrian diner by Dine With us

  • Dine With Us matches locals with newcomers in Belgium by letting them share a meal. When you subscribe for the dinner, we will match you with a local or a newcomer. Whilst enjoying delicious Syrian food, you'll get to know one another!

19h    Speeches, comedy and music

  • Catherine Woollard, secretary-general of the European umbrella for refugee movements, shines light on the challenges Europe needs to tackle. The need for protection for people fleeing and the role of organizations and civilians in all of this .
  • Standup comedian Lies Lefever will join us and explain why we cannot stop defending our rights in the coming 30 years.
  • Artist and ‘Al-Tochtoon’ of the future Param Kapoor performs an dhol-concert.
  • Mec Yek will play extremely danceable Balkan Motown and Gipsy Hip from their newest album Super Diver City

21h    Dance party with DJ Coco

02h    We're going home

Mec Yek SuperDiverCity
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