Ik en den Theo/Moi et le Théo

Me & our Theo is a concert for kids, reflecting the magical world they live in: alternative superheroes, playing shop, growing up to be an Indian, playing in a rock band, discovering the internet and much, much more. Depending on the audience, the songs are in French or Dutch, or - at its best - both. The young spectators are encouraged to leave their seats and participate in the show.

Piet Maris: vocals, accordion, guitar, piano, synthesizer, xylophone, production 
Théophane Raballand: drums, cajon, djembe, taiko, glasses
Lula & Viggo Maris, Sarah Baur: backing vocals 
The pupils of Miss Jessie (2B in '09 - '10) from De Leertuin, Meise: backing vocals on Licht Uit! 
Lyrics & Music:
Piet Maris (exept Grenouilles/Kikkertjes: Dutch lyric and music: public domain, translated to French by Piet Maris) 
Arrangement:Piet Maris and Théophane Raballand (exept on Grenouilles/Kikkertjes: arrangement Piet Maris, Théophane Raballand and Bart Maris) 
Design & Artwork:
Sarah Baur 
Illustration Mic Mak Mo inspired by the work of Sk8tecreate 
Gitaar: Théophane Raballand, Alain Trellu
Kometen: Nasa
Dicht Bij Jou: Sarah Baur 
Recording and mixing:
Stef Van Alsenoy at De Serre, Overijse 
Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis

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