21/05/2018 - 09:00

Today, Belgian radio stations RTBF La Première and VRT Radio 1 focus on  world music. La Première joins the World Day for Cultural Diversity through its musical program, with a.o. Arabanda (former project by Jaune Toujours on Arabo-Andalusian music). From 9am til 4pm, Radio 1 brings "Reis Rond De Wereld" (Trip Around The World) with world music, interviews and live sessions from a.o. Mec Yek.

Relisten Reis rond de Wereld here.

Watch Mec Yek's live-sessie in the studio of VRT Radio 1 here.

23/03/2018 - 18:00 to 11/05/2018 - 20:00

Taking up the theme of the 2018 Zinneke Parade, this exhibition will accompany its final preparations to this typical Brussels event. It will try to expand this theme to the maximum by stretching the limits of what is legal and what is illegal. It will explore various aspects such as nudity, masks, struggle, exile, violence, terrorism, addiction, procrastination, virtual world, big brother, superheroes, fiction and wild interventions in the public space ...

Legality is not universal, it is defined temporally and geographically to be able to live together, sometimes by a democratic consensus, sometimes more dictatorially. The convictions and fluctuating morality of everyone can push some to overcome these limits without feeling outlawed. The invited artists explore these limits and when they overlap, it is often with a playful and provocative enjoyment.


Luc Broché, Pierrick Sorin, Ugo schiavi, Christophe Blanc et Jean-François Oliver, Laurent d’Ursel, Guyom alias Butcher-X, Vincent Peal, Alex GD, Adrien Guigon, Obêtre, Théophane Raballand, Collectif Hashët / Zinneke Parade 2018, Flavie Bicard & guests


Friday  March 23  from  18.00-21.00

19.00: Mask making workshop with the collective Hashet for the Masked Ball of the Zinneke Parade 2018

20.00 concert/performance by Tat2NoisAct

Tat2NoisAct wishes to give you back your primitive ways and use them to mark your eardrums. Far from commercial tattooing and formatted music, driven by an instinctive energy and a desire to go stronger, faster, Tat2NoisAct goes back to the DIY spirit of the beginning of punk.


More info (in French) on the website of Le Jacques Franck

20/03/2018 - 12:15

'Alles Normaal' is the first track to come out of Europeana, the forthcoming album by Jaune Toujours. This version was recorded live at Magasin 4, Brussels.
Available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

The song is in Dutch, optional subtitles available on Youtube in English and French.
The music video was shot during the live recording of the song at Magasin 4 and on location at the Parc Maximilien in Brussels.

Music video by Sarah Baur.

13/03/2018 - 17:15
The first episode of the making of 'Europeana', the new album by Jaune Toujours.

Choux de Bruxelles proudly presents the first episode of the making of 'Europeana', the new album by Jaune Toujours.

Tri-lingual vlog - subtitles available in English, Dutch and French.
Vlog trilingue - sous-titrage en français, néerlandais et anglais.
Drietalige vlog - ondertiteling in het Nederlands, Engels en Frans.

Sorry this first episode is quite noisy, we'll work on that.

For the next episodes of our vlog, we would like you to send us your questions!
What would you like to know about Jaune Toujours?
We'll be talking to Piet, Théophane, Mathieu, Mattias, Bart, Dirk, Yamen and Jo. Don't be shy! No question is too weird or silly.

Head on over to the Jaune Toujours Facebookpage or the private Choux de Bruxelles Facebookgroup and ask away!

06/03/2018 - 14:00
« Entity » est une merveille! Humaine, mais aussi musicale...

Joseph « YT » Boulier compares Qotob Trio's "Entity" with Annouar Brahem's album "Pas du chat noir" wich is considered as one of the most beautiful crossroads between East and West.
Read his full review on JazzAround's website or by clicking the link to the right.

26/02/2018 - 14:15

Denis Rognoy talks about Qotob Trio with Piet Maris and Bassel Abou Fakher in Quartier du Son.
Dixit Denis: "A meticulous sound, very soaring and cinematic!"
Discover the interview (mostly in French) here on RCF Brussels!

© photo Simon Blackley

16/01/2018 - 14:15

Make a fun video with your pupils and win a free concert of Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo in your class or at your school * during the last week of July 2018!

* free for a concert with up to 100 spectators - from 100 spectators the school has to provide sound equipment (eg via the municipality) or Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo will bring extra material, at a cost of € 750

Below you will find the most important information about how you can participate.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

And action!

How can you participate?

  • sign up at info@choux.net, we will send you the listen links to the music
  • choose one of the following songs from the 2nd album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0:
    • We maken muziek / On fait de la musique
    • ABC Detective
    • Robots
  • invent a good concept together with your students and choose which form your clip will receive:
    • a film in which the students act and / or dance
    • a stop motion animated film, with which all pupils cooperate
    • a mixed form
  • prepare well
    • request a download link for the song you have chosen
    • create a script
    • find the necessary material
  • film and edit the clip with your students
    • film with a smartphone, tablet or consumer camera, you do not need an expensive video camera
    • edit with free programs such as iMovie on the laptop or tablet
    • do not hesitate to ask our director Sarah if you are stuck
  • upload your movie on our YouTube channel (for copyright reasons) before May 31. 
  • our jury - consisting of Ik en den Theo and members of our artists' collective Choux de Bruxelles - chooses the winner in the first week of June 2018 and informs him, after which the practical arrangements for the concert are made in mutual consultation
  • second and third prize: a copy of the album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0 for all pupils and the teacher who participated in the making of the videoclip (max 30)
  • for each participating class: 1 copy per class of the album Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0
  • good luck and above all have fun!


29/11/2017 - 14:00
C'est de la musique simple, belle et spontanée - It's simple music, beautiful and spontaneous

Belgian national newspaper Le Soir gave Qotob Trio's new album 'Entity' no less than 4 stars in MAD (their cultural magazine)!

22/11/2017 - 22:15

We are looking for volunteers to help us with the CD sale at concerts.
Would you like to meet new people in a festive atmosphere?
Send us an email -> info@choux.net
In addition, trainees with an interest in promotion and production are also welcome in our team .

22/11/2017 - 22:00

The new website of Choux de Bruxelles is as good as finished, and is running in beta version only in English at the moment, but very soon a Dutch and French language version will also be available. To compensate we are a lot more active on our Choux de Bruxelles Facebook Page and on Instagram (@chouxdebxl).

If you want more privacy or would like to interact with other Choukes, we would also like to welcome you in our private Choux de Bruxelles Facebook Group, which is also the place where we occasionally give away CD's and concert tickets, but also test ideas and ask for feedback.