11/12/2018 - 14:15
Of course it's political, responsive to the mess we face now. But like all the best political music, it's also danceable, poetic and brimming with wit

Jamie Renton from fRoots got his hands on a copy of the brand new Jaune Toujours album Europeana and wrote an amazing review. But there is more!

Europeana was also featured in the fRoots favorite albums playlist and compilation cd!

Check out fRoots on their website and buy the magazine in their store!

You can also read the full review by clicking the link on the right.

02/12/2018 - 15:00

Singer/accordionist Piet was a guest at the German Radio Bremen for an interview about Europeana.

Check out what he had to say HERE or read more (in German) on the Radio Bremen website!

01/12/2018 - 15:30
Und Die Musik ist so bunt wie der Markt hinter dem Gare du Midi: arabische Elemente (H'bibi) treffen auf BalkanBläser, die sich mit fetten Off-Beats prügeln (Ska-Man) und auch ihre Stadt erklären sie dem Hörer gern nochmal: "Funky Brussels" kocht, sobald Jaune Toujour aufspielen. "Save Le Monde" - "Alles Normaal"

Karsten Zimalla from the German music magazine Westzeit wrote the following 4 star review (in German) for Europeana:

Die MultiKulti-(diese Beschreibung ist (m.E.völlig zu unrecht) zwar in Verruf geraten, hier aber ausdrücklich positiv gemeint!)Truppe aus Brüssel hat uns ganz schön warten lassen. Denn wenn wir mal die "20sth"-Geburtstagskompilation außer Acht lassen, ist das letzte Album der SoulSkaWorldDubRockJazzPunker schon 5 Jahre alt und die letzte richtige Dland-Tour war 2014. Bevor nun die Entzugserscheinungen zu mächtig werden, gibt es endlich Nachschub. Der ist wie gehabt politisch bewusst - neben dem wilden Stil- und Sprachgemisch, das in sich ja schon ein klares Statement darstellt (mit Flämisch und Französisch auf einer Platte in Belgien ganz besonders!), sowie dem Bekenntnis zur Völkerverständigung im Plattennamen stellen die Kollegen auch eines klar: "Refugees Welcome". Und Die Musik ist so bunt wie der Markt hinter dem Gare du Midi: arabische Elemente (H'bibi) treffen auf BalkanBläser, die sich mit fetten Off-Beats prügeln (Ska-Man) und auch ihre Stadt erklären sie dem Hörer gern nochmal: "Funky Brussels" kocht, sobald Jaune Toujour aufspielen. "Save Le Monde" - "Alles Normaal"!


20/11/2018 - 11:00
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Donald Trump's worst nightmare 'Funky Brussels' (...) Europeana is absolutely magnificent

What a great 'Europeana' review by Robb Johnson for RnR magazine!

4 stars!

Read his review by clicking the image below or the link on the right side.

15/11/2018 - 16:30

This year we DON'T participate in 'De Warmste Week' ( yearly solidarity action in Belgium)!

No, it's not possible.

Because the nonprofit NE(S)T, the organisation Choux de Bruxelles - artist collective want to support, only started in September and is therefore can not participate in 'De Warmste Week'. To be eligible you have to present your annual financial statements.

That's why we organise our own Warmest Month!
From November 15 'till December 21 we sell the Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo albums at the reduced price of €10. The €5 profit per album sold will go to NE(S)T.

To support them, buy the albums through our online shop (physical) or via Bandcamp (physical and/or digital).

NE(S)T arises from journalist Saskia Van Nieuwenhove's activities. For several years we have been following her efforts in the domain of youthcare. Every now and then we transfered a small amount on her personal bank account, sometimes we engaged our network to help solve the crises occuring in the lives of the young people that crossed Saskia's path.

In all those years we never doubted for a single second if the money got into the right hands. It was clear that this situation wasn't sustainable in the long run. Therefor we are very happy that Saskia's friends, together with experts in human trafficing founded the nonprofit NE(S)T.

NE(S)T's main focus is the shelter and guidance of minors and adults that became victims of human trafficking (teenagerpimps) in Saskia's home (with approval of the juvenile judge).
They also try to communicate towards the policy makers and share their experiences in the hopes that the system will become better adjusted to these issues.

NE(S)T also engages other specialised organisations, such as Childfocus and Payoke.

Apart from volunteers to support their activities, day/night shelter and practical and administrative guidance they mostly need funds to pay for the shelter of these young people.

More info: 

About Saskia's work:



About NE(S)T :

Their website is under construction

05/11/2018 - 16:00

Almost time for the release of 'Europeana' by Jaune Toujours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, thanks to our new distribution partner Galileo Music!

02/11/2018 - 17:15
With a party band such as this, there’s clearly a lot more going on in Brussels than EU legislation and the Brexit negotiations.

Imagine us jumping up and down for joy with the first UK review of Europeana by Simon Broughton in the London Evening Standard ‼️
4 stars for Europeana in the albums of the week!

Read Simon's review on the London Evening Standard website or by clicking the link on the right.

02/11/2018 - 16:15
A rousing live band!

Jaune Toujours' Europeana was mentioned alongside Gaye Su Akyol, Vaudou Game and Oi Va Voi in The Guardian by Robin Denselow!

" From Belgium, there’s a welcome return from Jaune Toujours with their good-time blend of ska, punk, Balkan styles and brassy jazz. The upbeat songs on Europeana (their answer to Americana) include the stomping Funky Brussels and Save Le Monde. They are a rousing live band..."

Read the full article here.

01/11/2018 - 14:15

Jaune Toujours speelde in een unieke 360° set-up voor het Big Bang Festival in Gent.

Bekijk hier beneden enkele foto's gemaakt door de aanwezige fans, bekijk een filmpje hier en hier of kom de 360° set-up live bewonderen op de volgende data:

01/11: Big Bang Festival Antwerpen
04/11: Big Bang Festival Brussel
24/11: Big Bang Festival Lille

01/11/2018 - 10:15
Jaune Toujours zette de centrale inkomhal aan de bar op stelten. In een heuse disco opstelling konden de kinderen alles goed bekijken. En wie zich niet kon inhouden mocht gewoon zelf meeblazen op één van de vele extra instrumenten. Piet Maris & co kregen de bende gemakkelijk aan de “swich swich” en de polonaise.

Jaune Toujours beleefde een schitterende tijd op de Big Bang Festivals in Gent, Antwerpen en Brussel!

Het Nieuwsblad was er bij en schreef een mooi sfeerverslag. Lees het hier.

Laatste kans om het zelf te ervaren op 24 en 25 november in Lille (Frankrijk).

Bekijk zeker ook eens de foto's en video's gemaakt door de aanwezige fans.