Ik & den Theo + Bal Moderne

After she created a Bal Moderne choreography on Jaune Toujours' Ici Bruxelles, Ik en den Theo asked Maria-Clara Villa-Lobos to create Bal Moderne choreographies for songs by Ik en den Theo. She did so for Indiaan, Superheld, Dans, Dance, Danse and Kikkertjes. The choreographies can be taught and practised in Bal Moderne workshops and/or during Ik en den Theo concerts, with the help of the Bal Moderne dancers, which brings the Ik en den Theo concert experience to an even higher level. Shake a leg!



Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo 2.0: this new album invites kids, parents and grandparents to run around like robots, play musical chairs, receive visits from Uncle Jazz, ABCDetective and more... 

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