Mec Yek

A combination of earthy traditionalism and hot jazz on display. Drawn from the Roma tradition, all souped-up with some quite superb playing and plenty of go-faster stripes without losing the emotion at the heart of it all. Mec Yek is a gypsy band without violin, but what they do, they do with style, grit and grace.Read more

Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo

Ik en den Theo/Moi et le Théo look at the world through children's eyes. Piet Maris and Theophane Raballand ( both of Jaune Toujours) do their thing on accordion and drums... and with the crowd. Depending of the composition of the crowd Ik en den Theo/Moi et le Théo sing in Dutch or French, or in the best case in both languages. After almost 15 years of concert touring, they add a special program to their portfolio: from Autumn 2021, they can also be booked with the musical theatre performance "En Route/Onderweg", next to their classic straightforward rock 'n roll concert formula.



Contemporary Jazz with an Oriental Twist

A brand new trio in the Choux de Bruxelles stables - 3'Ain!
Featuring Yamen Martini on trumpet, Otto Kintet on bass and Piet Maris on accordion.Read more

Jaune Toujours

Jaune Toujours brings an explosive, urban mix of music genres, rhythms, languages and cultures. Add to that the typically Belgian pinch of self-derision and understatement and the result is a band with the energy of rock (without guitars!), the improvised twist of jazz, the open-minded approach of world music and the eagerness of a street band.
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Sarah Baur

Sarah Baur works in various art disciplines.
She writes and makes film, theatre performances, music videos, art work for CDs and is also an actress. 

In her own work she likes to investigate ethical questions.Read more

Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d'Accordéons

A band of accordions with typical accordion repertoire, thoroughly revisited with a pretty dynamic touch – tango, waltzes, bourrées, Balkan stuff, ska and more…Read more

Pixi Mrs. Ippi

Pixi Mrs. Ippi (pronounce Pixi Mississippi) is the collective name for Sarah Baur's theater work for children.
It’s a platform for temporary collaborations with other actors and musicians and an umbrella for Sarah's theatre and film workshops for children.Read more

Far Fare

Far Fare is an experimental mini marching band. Far Fare works in trio (accordion, percussion en horn) on improvisation within a wide range of musical styles: from accoustic dub, reggae, over balkan en gipsy to bossa and musette... Depending on the audience they can get more adventurous or accessible, more discrete or interactive, but always with own repertoire!

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Foto Theo

Foto Theo is the photographer alter ego of musician Théophane Raballand at Choux de Bruxelles.Read more


&Co assembles some collaborative and some loose projects at Choux de Bruxelles: some of them still up and running, other happened in the past.Read more

Qotob Trio

Qotob Trio is the oriental fusion project founded by Syrian cellist Bassel Abou Fakher, who relocated from Damascus to Belgium recently. The repertoire is a mix of Middle Eastern, Western classical and contemporary jazz music. Qotob Trio’s first album “Entity” is released on the Choux de Bruxelles label.Read more