Pixi Mrs. Ippi

Pixi Mrs. Ippi

With Pixi Mrs. Ippi, Sarah Baur writes pieces that she brings to life in a style that's rich in images.
Although the pieces aren’t always music theater in its purest form, music is a constant and important element.
Pixi Mrs. Ippi aims to provoke playful and poetic reflection on social themes.
In addition to her theatre work and workshops, Sarah also creates the videos, illustrations and album designs for the music bands at Choux de Bruxelles and makes short fiction films.

'De Reus' (The Giant) premiered in 2015 in Dutch and in 2017 in French.
It was created with pianist/composer Peter Vandenberghe (Flat Earth Society, Too Noisy Fish).
The original music - composed by Peter Vandenberghe - is performed live, as is the stop motion animation of toy dolls that is intertwined with the actor's play.

Nobody remembers how or why the Giant came to live on the outskirts of the city. All he knows is that he wants to play the piano.
A piece about being different, about who you are and about memories.
Does what  you can’t remember still belong to you?

Is what you long for part of who you are?

The Giant is a musical tale about a mega sized friendship that makes the impossible possible.

'Wie niet gezien is, is weg' premiered in 2013 and continued touring in 2014 and 2015.
In the country where Flo lives, the adults have made a mess of things.
Their society is like a game show, where only the strongest survive.
Flo has a big hole in her heart, because of the passing of her mother.
A hole she tries to fill with dreams of a future filled with fame and fortune.
But how do you do you achieve success in a world where it's each for themselves?
Is trying your best good enough when you’re the daughter of a looser?
Or is there more to her mother's disappearance than she suspects?

'Wie niet gezien is, is weg' is a contemporary story about the quest for identity in a competitive society.
A humorous and interactive show that invites the audience to be critical of society.

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