Contemporary Worldwide Jazz with Oriental Twist

Mec Yek

Roma & Gadzje Music Band

Ik en den Theo / Moi et le Théo

Rock 'n roll duo for Kids (bilingual dutch/french)

Jaune Toujours

Kick Ass Roots Band / Rock du Monde

Far Fare

Experimental Mini Marching Band

Sarah Baur

Film / Video / Writing / Acting / Graphics

Foto Theo

Musician / Photographer


Collaborations and loose projects

Pixi Mrs. Ippi

Theatre for children in a visually rich style with music at its core.

Qotob Trio

East meets West, on the crossroads of minimal music and contemporary jazz

Otto Kintet

Bass player Otto Kint's quintet plays mesmerizing jazz with influences from pop, rock, worldwide and classical music.

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