Contemporary Jazz with an Oriental Twist

A brand new trio in the Choux de Bruxelles stables - 3'Ain!
Featuring Yamen Martini on trumpet, Otto Kintet on bass and Piet Maris on accordion.

3'Ain - 3'Ain

3'Ain EP - digipack

File under contemporary world and jazz with oriental influences

3'Ain is a brand new trio, with Yamen Martini (trumpet), Otto Kint (upright bass) and Piet Maris (accordion).

In 2015 Yamen moved from Syria to Belgium, where he met Piet and together they started working on music for a theatre play in 2016. After that, Piet invited Yamen as a guest musician with Jaune Toujours, both live and on on their album Europeana (2018). In the summer of 2019, Yamen and Piet asked Otto to join them in their musical exchange and out of this union 3'Ain was born.

Their name is based on ﻉ‎, which is the eighteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet, also one of the most difficult vowels to pronounce for western people. As it is often indicated in Arabic chat- and SMS-conversation as 3, and in transliteration as 'ain, 3'Ain seemed an appropriate name for a trio playing contemporary jazz with oriental influences.

The threesome like to name their pieces after things they see around them while creating. Since they often work in Ostend, where Yamen lives, what they mostly see is boats arriving from all over the world.

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