YANA - short film

Choux de Bruxelles presents YANA,
a short film by Sarah Baur

Yana, a 10-year-old girl, struggles with unresolved grief because of her parents' divorce.
Lonely in the attic of her former home, she loses her grip on reality, until a touch of magic and a little mischief free her from her burdens. 

The film is an ode to the healing power of imagination and the resilience that children derive from it.

With Hasse Huygens, Michael Vergauwen, Julie van der Schaaf, Wouter Krokaert, Birte Leurelle, Viggo Maris, Evelien Den Tandt and Lula Maris

Written and directed by Sarah Baur
Director of Photography: Jesper Rey
Music: Piet Maris
Sound Recordist: Ive Van Krunkelsven
Sound Design: Alex Fostier
​Editor: Sarah Baur
Colour Grading: Thomas Verbruggen

With the support of Videohouse Media Facilities and Atonium

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