Otto Kintet

Otto Kintet

Mesmerizing jazz with influences from pop, rock, worldwide and classical music

Otto Kint (Bass) , Jeroen Capens (Tenor Sax), Lukas Somers (Guitar), Martin Salemi (Keys), Daniel Jonkers (Drums)

The search for unity is at the heart of Otto Kintet's music. Band leader Otto Kint's compositions form the basis for a distinctive sound with a focus on improvisation, layering, unusual time signatures and intriguing chord progressions. The diverse musical backgrounds of the group members resonate in the music that identifies as jazz with influences from pop, rock, worldwide and classical music.


The new album 'Wildernis' is a tribute to nature's resilience. When making this album, the band relied on their gut feeling before anything else. The result is an accessible, timeless album that is not at the mercy of passing trends. Otto Kintet honours their roots in jazz but transcend that framework by taking influences from other genres and innovates by staying as close to their music and person as possible.

We live in a complex world where we have a lot of information to process and where authenticity is sometimes far away. With this album, Otto Kintet wants to create calm and clarity for listeners.

'Wildernis' is the first album of Otto Kintet on the label Choux de Bruxelles.

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OTTO KINTET - LAST DANCE (Live @ Wildernis Strmbk)

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