Stand Up To Racism

Monday, May 7th, the amfitheater at the esplanade will get transformed into a free multicultural festival terrain where solidarity is most important. A large variety of artists (from Brussels) with their hearts on the right place will bring the summer on campus a bit earlier, while there are also going to be side activities to enjoy.

At the moment, we are undergoing the biggest refugee crisis ever, cause by ongoing warfare and climate change. This crisis is getting abused all too much by right-wing parties and their millionaire friends, to divide people up and turn them against each other. In this way, they can push through their neoliberal policies and the consequences are detrimental. Racism is getting a revival and for that reason, Comac VUB will strengthen the multicultural counter current!

Jaune Toujours
Sindicato Sonico
Aboubakar Traoré & Balima Foly

Jaune Toujours 20sth
Mon, 07/05/2018 - 19:00