Ördögkatlan Fesztivál

Ördögkatlan (Devil’s Cauldron) 
Pan-Art Festival

A multi-cultural event in four small villages in the county of Baranya, Villany Wine region
(Hungary – Kisharsány, Nagyharsány, Palkonya, Beremend, Vylyan winery)

„This means mainly a diversity of genre. We take the words seriously: pan-art. If we were profit-oriented, we would of course be organising a rock and/or a gastronomy festival – but although we have no problem with the forementioned types of festivals, our motives are altogether different- creating a five-day celebration of humanity, diversity and quality, enlisting all genres carrying value, providing an opportunity to everything from mainstream to marginal – experimental.” 

(László Bérczes, festival director)

Jaune Toujours 20sth
Fri, 03/08/2018 - 14:45