The third album by Jaune Toujours, has socially commited lyrics, catchy songs carried by the groove of accordion, drums and bass, strengthened by the “crème de la crème” of Belgian horn blowers. This results in a lot of musical variation: from the accordion sounds of the Marolles (the “musette” quarter of Brussels) over brassband to influences from deep-ska and dub...

Piet Maris: vocals & accordion
Théophane Raballand: drums & percussion  
Mathieu Verkaeren: upright bass & guitar
Mattias Laga: sax soprano & clarinets  
Bart Maris: trumpet
Sam Versweyveld & Yves Fernandez-Solino: trumpet & flugelhorn

Bert Bernaerts and Sam Vloemans: trumpet:
La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d’Accordeons: This band of accordions was founded by Piet Maris in 2002. Their number varies between 10 and 40. On Più Lontano, the last song on the album, you can hear thirteen of them. 

Recording & Mixing: 
Werner Pensaert at Studio Caraïbes

René Schardt at Galaxy Mastering Reference

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