20sth Box Set - limited edition

Special limited edition box set celebrating 20(?) years of Jaune Toujours - 8 piece collector's box, including all albums from the band and a collector's album with lots of extra's!
In 2016 and 2017, Jaune Toujours celebrates "Jaune Toujours 20sth" - 2 years in which they set up several projects, releases, collaborations etc. as they celebrate their 20 sth birthday (actually, the band already exists from 1991 on, but it only got serious from 1996, when frontman Piet Maris moved to Brussels and 1997, when Theophane Raballand and Bart Maris joined on respectively drums & trumpet).


Piet Maris: vocals & accordeon
Théophane Raballand: drums & percussion
Mathieu Verkaeren: upright bass
Mattias Laga: sax soprano & clarinets
Bart Maris: trumpet
Dirk Timmermans: trumpet
Yves Fernandez-Solino: trumpet & flügelhorn
Sam Versweyveld: trumpet
Bert Bernaerts: upright bass & trumpet
Sam Vloemans: trumpet
Christophe Morisset: bass tuba & trombone
Wouter Vandenabeel: violin 

Guest musicians:
Martial Ahouandjinou: trombone
Katia & Mielka Pohlodkova: vocals
LKMTIV: percussion
Samson Okbo: krar 
Gangbé Brass Band: percussion & horns 

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