Balcony Sessions Day 47 - Tshaje Tshaje (Roma Traditional)

Day 47 of the Covid19 quarantine:
“Tshaje Tshaje”, a Roma traditional, performed by Piet Maris

Mec Yek 'Tshaje Tshaje' from the album SuperDiverCity (2015). One of the first songs Piet learned from Laci, the Rom singer white whom the whole Gipsy adventure begun, mid '90s...
James-Joyce-stream-of-conciousness-wise: misty woods - smokey tiny block huts - the tiny house Piet lived in at the lakes near an abbey in Leuven - discovery of/concerts in Brasserie De L'union - endless travelling in an R4's, busses, planes - taking musicians, photographers, journalists, radio makers on a stroll - stubborn policeman at the checkpoints - passport problems - la chaconne (Bach) full force on a blaster while travelling - dancing in the snow at midnight at minus 20 - discotek in a small Roma living room - discovery of/concerts in Bazaar Brussels - passing midnight at new year's eve with a bunch of Roma musicians in a small van while driving passed the Brussels Royal Palace in Laeken while fireworks burst out everywhere... But most important of all, the music, always taking the lead...

Listen to the original studio version from the album SuperDiverCity by Mec Yek  on Bandcamp 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 20:00