Balcony Sessions Day 40 - Réfugiés sans Frontières by Jaune Toujours

Day 40 of the Covid19 quarantine:
Jaune Toujours ‘Réfugiés sans Frontières’ from the album Barricade (2004).
These days, the lobby is on, putting pressure to start up the schools, the economy etc. (Arts coming in the last place, I guess). But if we have to bring in one reality in the first place, it’s this one: refugees, asylum seekers, newcomers, people without a roof above their head, these are the people who ar probably hit the hardest in this crisis.
Let’s put things right at last: Niemand is illegaal . No one is illegal . Personne n'est illegal

Listen to the studio version from the album Barricade on Bandcamp






Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 20:00