Balcony Sessions Day 41 - Kaskere ola duj tshavore (Roma Traditional)

Day 41 of the Covid19 quarantine:
“Kaskere ola duj tshavore”, a Roma traditional, performed by Piet Maris from the album Antikrisis (2008).

The Roma traditional repertoire where this song comes from is pretty straightforward, most of the songs are in 4/4 actually (or without rythm in the “halgads” the slow ballads, very slow and sad) - Piet even remembers from his first visits mid 90’s to the small village of Rakusy, at the feet of the high Tatra mountains, at the Slowakian-Polish border, when he played a waltz, 3/4, it was perceived as pretty exotic… For this song, to open up the borders a bit more, we turned its 4/4 into 7/8, kind of moving over to the balkans...

Listen to the original studio version from the album Antikrisis by Mec Yek  on Bandcamp 
What are those two children doing
at the riverside
without a mother or a father

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 20:00