Jaune Toujours Lock Down Cheer Up Sessions - La Paloma / Café

A small excerpt of yesterday's concert: La Paloma-Café.

What can a band possibly do during this Covid-19 lockdown period, when all concerts are canceled, to make themselves useful?
Play a concert where social distancing can be respected and where the audience is really in need of some diversion.

The elderly residents at Home Brugmann and Domaine du Neckersgat Uccle/Ukkel can not receive visitors just yet, so in order to cheer them up a little, their caretakers asked Jaune Toujours if they would consider playing a concert in their front yard.
The members of Jaune Toujours jumped at the opportunity to play live together again and thus everyone had as pleasant an afternoon as possible in these times of restrictions.

5 Mini-concerts at different spots around the buildings, to be sure that every resident could hear us. Theo on his self-made mobile drum kit - horns accoustically - bass, accordion and voice together on a compact (but efficient) speaker. With a lot of enthusiasm and warmth coming back from the inside, to us playing outside. Thanks OCMW/CPAS Uccle/Ukkel for making this possible!

After note: on their way back, police control:
- what was the reason of your transport?
- making music for people and staff in homes and care centers
- ah, very good, very good, have a nice day!

(all social and other distancing were respected - no musicians were harmed in the making of this music)

From the 'Lockdown Cheer Up Sessions' - Covid19 quarantine
Filmed by Cathérine Cossyns

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - 15:45