Lockdown Cheer Up Sessions - Tattoo by Jaune Toujours

Lockdown Cheer Up Sessions: "Tattoo" by Jaune Toujours at the home for the elderly Domaine du Nekkersgat.
An initiative of the Cellule Culture du CPAS d'Uccle / Cultuurcel OCMW Ukkel.

What can a band possibly do during this Covid-19 lockdown period, when all concerts are canceled, to make themselves useful?
Play a concert where social distancing can be respected and where the audience is really in need of some diversion.
The elderly residents can't receive visitors just yet, so in order to cheer them up a little, their caretakers asked Jaune Toujours if they would consider playing an open air concert.

Listen to the original studio version from the album Barricade on Bandcamp

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 16:45