Jaune Toujours headlining Wereldfeest Online

We still have to wait for the real thing (live festivals with a live audience... aaah, we'd give anything for that...) but to make up for this year's cancelled edition of Wereldfeest Leuven, we play Wereldfeest Online 2020 with Jaune Toujours! 6th of June 8pm, Belgian Time: Belgian World Music. After Bel Jazz, here's the next hot thing: Bel Mundo!

Watch the full stream on Facebook HERE

During the live stream you can enjoy an eclectic mix of video's, talks and of course music!
The following artists will stream an exclusive concert:

F a B R E C O L L E C T I V.
Gert Kleinpunk
• Wim Solo
Jaune Toujours

Several experts will shine a light on de consequences of the worldwide pandemic and the necessity of worldwide solidartiy.

Hosted by Sarah Bekambo en Lennaert Maes.

Help us save more lives together and make a donation via: https://donate.1212.be/Wereldfeest/~mijn-gift

More info: https://www.wereldfeest.be/

Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 17:00