3'Ain album Sea of Stories 4 stars in Cutting Edge Magazine

"Jazz of the highest order. With "Sea of stories", the band 3'Ain has released a very good first album. Musicians Yamen Martini (trumpet), Piet Maris (accordion) and Otto Kint (double bass) offer an intense and captivating journey with intelligent and infectious music that was not recorded in Ostend by chance."

"3'Ain plays what it calls "worldwide" jazz with Middle Eastern influences. The genesis of the band is a somewhat separate story starring Yamen Martini. Indeed, he left his homeland of Syria in the year 2015 to come to Belgium, where he met Piet Maris, who suggested he collaborate on music destined for a theater performance. [...] " - Cutting Edge Magazine

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 - 16:15