A first raving review of 3'Ain's debut EP

Of the best that came from Ostend since Sexual Healing

Jordi De Beule wrote the first review of our EP for Jazz & Mo'

"Anyone who has listened to Khaltoum by Ibrahim Maalouf in a loop by now, will surely enjoy the Middle Eastern jazz of 3'Ain. For what a pleasure it is to hear the Syrian trumpeter Yamen Martini!
In 2015 he arrived in Belgium and there he quickly crossed the path of Piet Maris. Since then, the two have worked together several times and when the opportunity arose for a residency in the Ostend arts workshop O.666, they immediately drummed up Otto Kint.
The result is an EP full of atmosphere.

Inspired by the view of the harbour, the opening song, originally written for a short film, gets a firm dose of sailor's grief. And also other songs are often drawn by what the Portuguese call so beautifully saudade.
The boats after which songs like Njord Puffin are named, you can almost hear them creaking and you can see them sailing towards the wide sea - giving and taking.

Thanks to a flawless recording, we get all the subtleties of the interplay of this trio: the full bass sound of Kint, the swelling and dying movements of Maris, the copper breath of Martini. How the latter pierces the silence, at times even reminds us of Soleá by Miles Davis, to name a big shot.

Of the best that came from Ostend since Sexual Healing."

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Friday, June 12, 2020 - 11:45